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Dec 17

FREE Podcast: Narrated Slideshows

A recording of Wesley Fryer’s 68 minute videoconference on December 12, 2011, “Narrated Slideshows,” is available as a 99¢ download available free (see below). This is a high quality screencast published at 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, and is 1.6 GB in size. (A high speed Internet connection is required for download.) The workshop description was: …

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Nov 09

iPad Media Creation: December 20, 2011

Learn a variety of applications, strategies and techniques for helping students CREATE media using iPads, iPod Touches or iPhones.

Nov 09

Classroom Radio Shows: December 13, 2011

Learn how to help improve student reading, writing, and oral communication skills by creating your own classroom radio show!

Nov 09

Narrated Slideshows: December 12, 2011

Learn how to create and share a narrated slideshow online including recorded audio synchronized to selected photographs or images.

Nov 08

No-Edit Audio Podcasting: December 6, 2011

Audio recording provides one of the best ways to improve oral communication skills. In this workshop we’ll explore a variety of online tools which facilitate “no-edit” audio podcasting.