Dec 17

FREE Podcast: Narrated Slideshows

A recording of Wesley Fryer’s 68 minute videoconference on December 12, 2011, “Narrated Slideshows,” is available as a 99¢ download available free (see below). This is a high quality screencast published at 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, and is 1.6 GB in size. (A high speed Internet connection is required for download.) The workshop description was:

Learn how to create and share a narrated slideshow online including recorded audio synchronized to selected photographs or images. We’ll discuss different examples of narrated slideshows and review effective processes for facilitating student narrated slideshows. Websites and tools for creating narrated slideshows we will explore include VoiceThread, SlideShare, and SonicPics for iOS.

UPDATE 19 January 2017: This product is no longer for sale. To view books, eBooks, and other digital products by Wesley Fryer currently for sale please visit playingwithmedia.com/store/.

This podcast is a QuickTime mp4 movie file which can be viewed on a laptop or desktop computer using free QuickTime Player software from Apple. It also looks great on an iPad!

All referenced links and resources from the podcast and videoconference are linked on wfryer.me/slideshows.

Update 31 March 2012: This video podcast is now available FREE on YouTube, and closed captioning via automatic transcriptions are available if needed.

If you are interested in having this workshop shared via videoconference for your school or educational organization, please request it via the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. (link coming)

Visit learn.playingwithmedia.com for more information about upcoming scheduled workshops supporting the eBook, “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing” by Wesley Fryer.


  1. Jeff

    I am deaf. Are these resources captioned or accessible in some other way?

    1. Jeff:

      I have great news for you. I decided to go ahead and publish these five video podcasts for free on YouTube, and the automatic closed captioning option in YouTube seems to work VERY well from what I saw tonight. Here’s the direct link to this video:


      I’m SO excited YouTube offers this automatic / free transcription option! Please let me know if this works for you and what you think. There appear to be some errors but mostly the transcriptions I see are GOOD.

      YouTube Automatic Transcriptions

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