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Classroom Learning Portals: December 19, 2011

Workshop description: Learn how to create a website using wiki software which can serve as a classroom learning portal or “home base” for your students. This site can include links, assignments, resources, and other digital curriculum materials. We’ll explore and discuss exemplary classroom learning portals created by other teachers and learn how to create our own. A variety of wiki tools will be compared including WikiSpaces for Educators and Google Sites. We’ll learn how to hyperlink and embed a variety of content into these sites.

Workshop facilitator: Wesley Fryer

This workshop is offered in 3 versions:

  • a 3 hour hands-on, BYOL (bring your own laptop) workshop ($50 per participant*)
  • a 1 hour, interactive videoconference for participants using Skype or a H.323 video endpoint ($100 per site*)
  • a 60 minute, downloadable video podcast (99¢)

Registration is available for this 2 – 3 pm CST videoconference. (Skype or H.323 video endpoint videoconferencing required)

Note these prices are for credit card payments only. If paying by school purchase order, an additional $50 processing fee is added. More information for schools paying by PO is available.


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